Student Ministry (6th-12th grades)

We want our students to always be growing toward becoming fully developed followers of Jesus.  This means that we purposefully focus our efforts on helping students grow in three vital relationships: 1. Intimacy with God; 2. Community with their spiritual family; 3. Influence with people away from God.  How do we do this?  Check out our Student Ministry Vision (below).
Upcoming Events


LiFT is our Sunday night (6-8 PM) environment for Middle School and High School Students. The location rotates between a few houses, so call to find out where we are currently meeting. 901.881.6169
LiFT is a verb that means to raise up, heave, haul up, elevate, buildup, hold high, pick up, boost, cheer up, perk up, uplift, brighten up,encourage, stimulate, amplify, make louder, increase, hoist, spur on, “lift off,” “blast off.” LiFT is also a noun that means impetus, encouragement,improvement, enhancement; “shot in the arm,” “pick-me-up.”  This pretty well defines what we want to accomplish at LiFT.
Memphis Workcamp~ June 5-9
Over 800 houses! That’s how many houses have been painted for free by Memphis Workcamp since 1989. Workcamp is an annual service project sponsored by Memphis area churches that brings teenagers, college students, and adults together to repair, scrape, and paint homes for people in need. Workers pay a fee to participate which covers the cost of supplies and enables us to paint each house for free. Workcamp is a chance for our churches to show the city we care. It helps our teenagers understand Jesus’ call to serve and be merciful. It breaks down racial barriers. It lets teenagers put their faith into action. It’s just a great hands-on learning experience. Workcamp takes place the second week of June. Cost=$100.  A $60 Deposit and Application is due by Sunday, May 7.  (No late application will be accepted).  You can find the application here: Student Ministry Summer Forms page
We are looking for 1 few adult leaders (no special skills required).
College Age folks are encouraged to participate!
Summer Camp ~July 2-7
$215. Registration and $65 deposit due Apr 30. Balance due Jun 21.
Summer Mission Trip ~ July 16-23 
Mission Trip and White Water Rafting
July 17-21 (Monday -Friday) we will be serving at Camp Ability, the Special Kids camp for special needs children in Murfreesboro. On Friday afternoon, we will head to east TN and raft the Ocoee River.
You can choose to do both the mission and rafting trip, or one or the other, but you will need to work out your own transportation if you will not be doing both.
Cost: for Mission Trip will be around $100  and cost for the Ocoee Whte Water Rafting will be about $100.  (exact amounts coming soon).
Documents and a $50 deposit for Camp Ability and a $50 rafting deposit Due by June 9.
Here are the documents you’ll need to complete and turn in by June 9: Student Ministry Summer Forms page
College Age folks are encouraged to participate!
Student Ministry Vision
Our Vision:
Teens who are committed to grow purposefully on their journey to be coming more and more fully developed followers of Christ. This means they are becoming more intimate with God, gaining more influence with non-believers, and growing in community with believers.
The Problem:
Between 65% and 94% of high school students stop attending church after they graduate and only about 25% of youth group grads “end up plugged into a church of a parachurch college or young adult ministry the year after they graduate.” (See  “When the Pomp and Circumstance Fades” by Kara Powell and Krista Kubiak). So, what’s the solution? How can we not only keep students plugged in to church before and after graduation? How can we help our students continually grow toward becoming fully developed followers of Jesus?
The Five Wheels of our Student Ministry:
If your car has one flat tire or a wheel that is out of balance, you know it right away. It takes four good tires and wheels and one steering wheel for your car to operate as it was designed. We organize our Student Ministry around five areas of ministry. We believe these “Five Wheels of our Student Ministry” are essential in our efforts to lead students to become more fully developed Christ-followers. We also believe this approach is the most effective way to help students continue their journey after graduation.