May 2019

Who Are You? wk 3 It’s Not About Me (Barry Fowler)

Bottom Line: My true identity is not found in me, myself, and I. My true identity is found in “I AM.” Summary: I tend to think and act as if […]

Who Are You? Wk. 2_I Am I Am Not (Barry Fowler)

Bottom Line: Knowing God is the beginning of knowing who you are. Summary: Moses is confused about his identity.  When Moses meets God, Moses asks two questions,”Who am I?” and […]

April 2019

Who Are You? Wk 1. Solomon’s Search for True Identity (Barry Fowler)

Lesson 1: WHO ARE YOU?: Solomon’s Search for True Identity Bottom Line: Only God determines our identity and worth. Summary: Life can be very confusing. People try all sorts of […]