We Believe

We Believe: A Statement of Faith
This is a statement of faith on the part of the leadership of the Cordova Community Church. It is not intended to be a formal creed that excludes people, but rather a statement of what the leadership believes so that people might be informed about the particular faith-orientation of the leaders. Such a statement of faith is a “living document” subject to a better understanding of Scripture, which alone is the standard of faith and practice.

We Believe…

  • there is only one true and eternal God consisting of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit [the Trinity or God-head]. These three exist as a loving community.
  • God created the Heavens and the Earth out of his desire to share his loving community with others, so he created the human family to share the life of his own loving fellowship.
  • the human family has rejected God’s offer of loving community in order to create our own, and consequently we have broken fellowship with God by the assertion of our own selfish interests.
  • throughout history God has lovingly pursued the human family in order to mend that broken fellowship, and God created Israel as a testimony to his intent to heal that brokenness and to prepare the human family for his own coming into the world.
  • in Jesus Christ, God himself became a human being in order to empathize with our suffering so that God himself might experience the tragedies of human life.
  • in Jesus Christ, God himself suffered for us in order to remove the barrier of sin that separated us from the fellowship of God’s community.
  • in Jesus Christ, God demonstrated his power over death through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead in order to assure us of his final victory over the tragedies of life.
  • through the pouring out of the Holy Spirit God created a new human community, the church, in which he communes with his people by dwelling in them.
  • by faith in the gracious work of Jesus Christ, we enter this new community as we participate by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus through an immersion/baptism in water.
  • by faith in the gracious work of Jesus Christ, God communes with us in the Lord’s Supper as we worship in the assembly of God’s people each week.
  • this new community is the place where believers embody the life and ministry of Jesus in their own experience through worship, service and witness.
  • in Jesus Christ, God will return to rescue his community from this life and offer it a new heaven and new earth where the dead are raised and everything is made new.
  • in that new heaven and new earth God will fulfill his original intent to share the fullness of his divine community with his redeemed community.
  • God has given us the Bible where he tells the story of his loving pursuit of the human family. He interprets his story for us so we can understand what fellowship with him means and how to enjoy it.