Growth Groups

8What are Growth Groups? Growth Groups are a key environment in which we encourage our people “to grow into fully developed followers of Jesus.” Growth Groups are small groups of adults, teens and children that meet weekly for interactive Bible study which encourages members to draw closer to God and participate in God’s work in the world. Much of our ministry and spiritual growth takes place in these groups.
When do they meet? The leaders of each group determine when their groups will have their weekly meetings.
Where do they meet? Each Growth Group meets in the home of a Host member at various locations in and around Memphis. Some groups meet at the same house every month, while others rotate to various members’ homes.
What do children do? The children usually participate with the adults during a portion of the evening, and then are dismissed to a special group designed for them.
Where did this idea come from? Many churches are rediscovering the power of ministry on a “small group” level within a big church. However, the example of this empowering church structure was enjoyed by the earliest Christians. In the Bible, the book of Acts shows Christians meeting daily in the temple courts and in their homes [Acts 2:46-47].
Who can be in a Growth Group? Anyone is welcome in a Growth Group. One purpose of our Growth Groups is to give newcomers easy access to relationships and involvement in the community.
What do Growth Groups study? Usually our Growth Group lessons develop and expand upon our Sunday morning sermons. Those who were unable to hear the sermon can access an audio recording and a copy of the Growth Group Lesson on our website.
Is everyone in the church expected to be in a Growth Group? If at all possible. We believe Growth Groups provide the greatest opportunity for creating community as well as for spiritual growth. Therefore we encourage everyone who seeks to be a partner (our term for “member”) at Cordova Community Church to commit to a Growth group. This is where you will minister and be ministered to as a member of this community. We like to say, “this is where church happens.”
How long do you stay in a group? Our hope is that you will find a group in which you can connect and build strong relationships. If you do, you can stay as long as the group continues to lead you to grow into a fully developed follower of Jesus, or until the group grows to the point of needing to “grow” a new group, much like a tree grows new branches. If you find that a group is not right for you are free to explore other groups.
How do I get involved in a group?
Feel free to visit as many groups as you like. Each group has its own personality and demographics. Our Growth Leaders are always available for questions. You can find a Growth Group near you here.