6What is worship?
We believe that worship is our response to God’s saving work in our lives. In worship we celebrate our salvation in Jesus Christ and God’s continual presence with us through our good times and bad times.
What should I expect?
We believe worship is best facilitated when we can be ourselves, so we encourage informality. Most people dress very casually. Jeans or shorts are fine. Grab a cup of coffee as you enter. You will be warmly welcomed as a guest, but we promise not to single you out or embarrass you in any way.
Right now we are in a season of change. CCC is entering into a partnership with Journey Christian Church.  On the first Sunday of the third Sundays our two churches worship together at 10AM.  On the alternate Sundays there are two services–9AM and 11AM. At all worship gatherings you will hear great singing as the entire church joins together in singing songs to God and about God. Our music is mostly contemporary and upbeat. We also share together in the Lord’s Supper and hear a message from one of our ministers. We have a staffed nursery during the Worship time. Before, during and after our worship gatherings, our ministers are available for prayer or counseling. We want to everyone to experience heartfelt, biblical worship each week.
Why do you serve crackers (bread) and juice every week?
This ancient religious practice is known as the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion or Eucharist. It calls us to refocus our lives on the meaning of Jesus’ death on the cross. The juice represents the blood that Jesus shed while dying on the cross and the crackers or bread represent the broken body of Jesus. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper each week because this helps us to remember and celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the new life He has given us. Historical and biblical evidence shows that the earliest Christians also celebrated Communion on the first day of each week. All who believe in Jesus are invited to join in as we break bread together.
Why do people use different postures as they worship?
We believe that expression in worship is a matter of personal preference rather than uniformity. That’s why some people will raise their hands, close their eyes, clap, and kneel, and some will not. At Cordova Community Church, we want to give you the freedom to express yourself to God as you wish, without feeling like anyone is judging you.