Student Ministry
Peer Faith Community

It’s important for teens to have a group of friends who are like-minded as they pursue their spiritual development. Our students are involved in a consistent faith community of peers led by a few adults throughout their entire time in our family ministry (K-12th grades). These Peer Faith Communities (PFCs) are designed to build and strengthen students’ faith. Having a consistent faith community of peers is especially vital to young people who have little or no faith development support at home. The main way we help create this sense of belonging is through our small groups at LiFT on Sunday nights.

This all starts at the elementary age levels. C4 Groups (Cordova Community Church Children’s Groups) are our small group environment K-5th graders om Sundays. C4 Groups help each child connect with a PFC and and a few adult and high school leaders. Here’s a radical thought: Instead of kids moving up to a new class with a new Sunday School teacher every year, what if the same adult leaders and children stayed together throughout the entire six-year span of the K-5th grade experience!?! What if they stayed together even longer than this? What if they all stayed together through high school graduation!?! What kind of impact would these peer groups have on the lives of students? What kind of influence would adult leaders have with their students? This is exactly the model we are following at CCC and we are seeing the difference it can make.

We believe this is one of the most important and powerful ways to help kids and students develop as followers of Jesus