February 2018

Love Always (1Cor 13) Wk5 Love is not Rude (Barry Fowler)


January 2018

Love Always (1Cor 13) Wk1 Love Is Best (Barry Fowler)


December 2017

Let It Go Phillipians 3 (Barry Fowler)

“2017_Dec_31_Let_It_Go_Phillipians_3_Barry_Fowler2.0” by Barry Fowler.

The Star Wk 4 Journey of Peace (Barry Fowler)


The Star_ Wk1_The Journey of Renewed Hope (Barry Fowler)

August 2017

Psalm 150-prt1 _Hallelujah! (Barry Fowler)

June 2017

Psalm 103-Preach To Yourself (Barry Fowler)

May 2017

Dysfunctional Families Are Divided (Barry Fowler)

April 2017

Dysfunctional Families Are Deceptive (Barry Fowler)

Dysfunctional Families Idolize Family (Barry Fowler)