Who Are You? Wk. 2_I Am I Am Not (Barry Fowler)

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Bottom Line: Knowing God is the beginning of knowing who you are.
Summary: Moses is confused about his identity.  When Moses meets God, Moses asks two questions,”Who am I?” and “Who are you, God?” Like Moses, we ask the same two questions when searching for our true identity.  God reveals his name, “I AM” / ”YHWH” to Moses.  When Moses meets and learns God’s true identity as “I AM,” Moses begins to understand his own true identity.
Conclusion:When you begin to know God as I AM then you will realize you must be “I am not.”  When we compare ourselves to the Great “I AM,” we see ourselves as infinitesimal. We learn that the only thing that has true meaning is YHWH.  Our meaning, our identity,our significance derives from Him and knowing Him. YHWH, I AM, is calling you out of your wilderness experience into a life of meaning, purpose, significance and fulfillment…your true identity.  Are you, like Moses, asking yourself, “Who am I?” God is answering your question by sending Jesus Christ to you. In Jesus you have God’s answer: Jesus is Immanuel, “God with us.” “I AM” is here with us and invites you to join him in the purpose and plans he has for you.