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June 2014

The Spirit Guides–Act 16:1-15 (Barry Fowler)

The Spirit Empowers Acts 6:1-5 & 7:54-60 (Gary Ealy)

May 2014

The Spirit-Introduction_ Matt 3:11-12 & Acts 1: 4-8_(Mark Powell)

April 2014

Mark Powell – Doubt

Easter – Gary Ealy

24B4: Jesus on trial -John 18 (Mark Powell)

March 2014

24B4: I have overcome the world-John 15:18-16:33 (Mark Powell)

24B4:Abide in Me-John 15 (Barry Fowler)

24B4:I will not leave you as orphans (Gary Ealy)

24B4:I have set you an example –John 13 (Gary Ealy)