March 2016

Come Share the Lord -5.Antcipation (Mark Powell)

February 2016

Come Share the Lord- 2.Communing with God (Mark Powell)

Come Share the Lord- 1.Remembering (Mark Powell)

November 2015

Do not Conform-1 Peter 1:13-2:3 – Be Holy (Mark Powell)

October 2015

Do Not Conform-1 Peter 1:1-12- 2:4-10 – Embrace our identity (Mark Powell)

September 2015

For the Beauty of the Earth – Creation and Christian Discipleship (Mark Powell)

August 2015

Glad You Asked – New Heaven _ New Earth (Mark Powell)

July 2015

Glad you asked – What does the Bible say about homosexuality (Mark Powell)

June 2015

Glad you asked – Why do we pray in Jesus’ Name (Mark Powell)

May 2015

Faith@Work – A New Story for Work (Mark Powell)