February 2020

Mission/Vision: 3 Vital Relationships (Barry Fowler)

“QU-ST004 (1)” by Barry Fowler.

20/20 Vision: Fix Your Eyes (Barry Fowler)

“Fix your eyes” by Barry Fowler.

January 2020

20/20 Vision: Look and Live (Barry Fowler)

“Look and Live” by Barry Fowler.

20/20 Vision: Come and See (Barry Fowler)


November 2019

Generosity – Wholehearted Generosity Wk2 (Barry Fowler)

“2019-11-17_Generosity Wk 2_Wholehearted Generosity (Barry Fowler) (1)” from Generosity 2 by Barry Fowler.

Generosity-Master Our Money Wk 1 (Gary Ealy)

 “Generosity-Master Our Money” by Gary Ealy. Released: 2019.

God is Love Wk 4 (Barry Fowler)

“God is Love” from 1 John 4:7-5:3 by Barry Fowler.

May 2019

Who Are You? wk 3 It’s Not About Me (Barry Fowler)

Bottom Line: My true identity is not found in me, myself, and I. My true identity is found in “I AM.” Summary: I tend to think and act as if I am the most important person in the room. I think, “It’s all about me” because I forget that “It’s all about Jesus.”  This kind […]

Who Are You? Wk. 2_I Am I Am Not (Barry Fowler)

Bottom Line: Knowing God is the beginning of knowing who you are. Summary: Moses is confused about his identity.  When Moses meets God, Moses asks two questions,”Who am I?” and “Who are you, God?” Like Moses, we ask the same two questions when searching for our true identity.  God reveals his name, “I AM” / […]

April 2019

Who Are You? Wk 1. Solomon’s Search for True Identity (Barry Fowler)

Lesson 1: WHO ARE YOU?: Solomon’s Search for True Identity Bottom Line: Only God determines our identity and worth. Summary: Life can be very confusing. People try all sorts of ways to find meaning in life, to “find themselves,” or discover “who they are.”  The only way to find out who we really are is […]