Who Are You? Wk 1. Solomon’s Search for True Identity (Barry Fowler)

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Lesson 1: WHO ARE YOU?: Solomon’s Search for True Identity

Bottom Line: Only God determines our identity and worth.

Summary: Life can be very confusing. People try all sorts of ways to find meaning in life, to “find themselves,” or discover “who they are.”  The only way to find out who we really are is by knowing who God is and trusting in Him.

Text: Ecclesiastes 1:13-18 and 2:1-11


Lesson Outline:


  • We are often confused about our own identity.  We ask, “Who Am I?”
  • We try to “find ourselves” in kinds of activities.
  • Even the wisest man ever to live was confused about life and his identity.
  • This confusion can be traced to not knowing and/or believing who God is
CONCLUSION: Both Solomon and Paul can to the same conclusion–It is useless to search for meaning, purpose, your true identity, “Who you are,” anywhere else other than in God. Everything else is meaningless.