June 2018

Don’t Be A Dummy (Prov 4) Wk1 At the Crossroads (Steven Gaines)

May 2018

(1Cor 9:24-27) Run For You Life (Steven Gaines)

March 2018

Love Always (1Cor 13) Wk12 Love Hopes (Steven Gaines)


February 2018

Love Always (1Cor 13) Wk7 Love is not Easily Angered (Steven Gaines)


January 2018

Love Always (1Cor 13) Wk4 Love is not Boastful or Proud (Steven Gaines)


December 2017

The Star Wk3 The Journey of Joy(Steven Gaines)


The Star_wk 2 The Journey of Love (Steven Gaines)

“2017 The Star_Love (Steven Gaines)” by Steven Gaines.

August 2017

Mark 1 The Immediate Kingdom (Steven Gaines)

July 2017

Psalm 22 Cry Out To God (Steven Gaines)

May 2017

Dysfunctional Families are Controlled By Emotions (Steven Gaines)