July 2018

Don’t Be A Dummy (Prov 13) Wk 8 Walk Wisely (David Scott)

June 2018

Don’t Be A Dummy (Prov 7) Wk 2 Direction and Destination (Barry Fowler)

Don’t Be A Dummy (Prov 4) Wk1 At the Crossroads (Steven Gaines)

May 2018

(1Cor 9:24-27) Run For You Life (Steven Gaines)

(2Kings 4:1-7) What Do You Have in Your House? (Dan Henley)

April 2018

Restore (John 8:2-11) Wk4 Hindrances to Restoration (Neal Milligan)

Restore (Mark 1:40-42) Wk1 Fixer Upper (Neal Milligan)

March 2018

Love Always (1Cor 13) Wk12 Love Hopes (Steven Gaines)


Love Always (1Cor 13) Wk11 Love Trusts (Rick)


Love Always (1Cor 13) Wk9 Love Rejoices with the Truth (Barry Fowler)