March 2017

Galatians wk 2-“Righteoused” by Faith_Galatians 2:15-3:25 (Steven Gaines)

February 2017

40DITW wk 2-How The Bible Changes Us (Steven Gaines)

January 2017

40DITW wk 1_Why Can I Trust The Bible? (Steven Gaines)

Our Purpose, Part 2 (Steven Gaines)

October 2016

God and Politics- 4. I Pledge Allegiance (Steven Gaines)

God and Politics- 2.Separation of Church and Hate (Steven Gaines)


September 2016

Blessed to BLESS-5.Serve (Steven Gaines)

August 2016

Blessed to BLESS- 3. Listen (Steven Gaines)

March 2016

Come Share the Lord- 4.Covenant (Steven Gaines) _

Come Share the Lord – 3.Eucharist (Steven Gaines)